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How Creator Kinfolk came to be (it's probably not what you might assume)

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Creator Kinfolk

Welcome to 300 new readers!

Creator Kinfolk now has 933 readers.

I've had a crazy busy couple of weeks.

I took a week off work (which is why there was no newsletter last week) to celebrate with a close childhood friend as she got married.

I'm also supporting my brother through his Masters' degree in Ireland and I've been running around, putting together documents to make the first payment.

So yeah, I've been busy.

With this in mind, today's newsletter takes a bit of a lazy approach. In today's newsletter:

  1. 📨 How Creator Kinfolk came to be
  2. 🤖 A template for
  3. 👀 Some recs that'll make you better at content or AI or life.

Ready? Let's roll.

📨 How Creator Kinfolk came to be (Part 0)

I started far left of where I am now (and will probably end up somewhere completely different in a few months.

See, a couple months ago, I took a course to learn how to ghostwrite educational email courses (or EECs as I'll be re. And it was extremely valuable.

I was already wise to the power of email as part of content strategy, but this course showed me that email could be the main medium all on its own.

So I was all in. I took the course and started implementing the steps. I now know a lot about the technicalities of email lists and email growth and all that jazz.

There have been many iterations of my own email courses and outlines & drafts I've made for others.

However, working on EECs showed me that my technical knowledge far surpassed my practical knowledge. I just wasn't getting my hands dirty enough to fully understand the complexities my clients faced in their work.

And it was holding me back. Both in getting clients (of which I haven't had too many) and setting up the best content and processes for them.

That's when the idea to join my clients in their daily grind of newsletter publishing was born.

Now, it's taken me so long to get this out that I just HAVE to hit publish today. So I've broken up the practical tips & process I followed (plus mistakes & wins) to go out over the next couple of issues.

Keep an eye out for those and share the newsletter with someone!

📩 But first, if you like this, you'll love these

My mission is to help you grow your personal brand through writing powered by AI and these newsletters fulfill at least one of these three promises.

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🤖The Curse of Knowledge prompt

Erica Schneider, one of my favorite people on social media, shared about how sometimes what's obvious to you isn't obvious to other people.

This is called the "Curse of Knowledge" and is a principle of cognitive bias. The topics of "writing" "personal branding" and "AI prompting" were some of my Curses.

What's something that you're so used to knowing that you think it's wild no one else knows about it? That might just be your niche.

Use this prompt to get some ideas:

I want you to act as a content strategy expert and guide me through the ‘curse of knowledge’ cognitive bias.
For context, I [THING YOU DO e.g., “write blog content”, “run a company”] in [SPECIFIC INDUSTRY OR FIELD, e.g., “tech”, “healthcare”, “education”].
My goal is to ensure my content is both comprehensive and accessible, avoiding the trap of unintentionally omitting foundational information or not sharing ideas I deem too ‘obvious’.
Here are five topics I’m knowledgeable in:
Please output 3 things in a table format:
* A list of 10 foundational concepts or ideas related to each of the five topics that might be considered “common knowledge” to me but could be new or unfamiliar to my audience.
* 10 potential pitfalls or misconceptions related to each topic that a novice might have, helping me address them proactively in my content. * 10 questions or feedback prompts I can use to gauge my audience’s familiarity with these topics and adjust my content accordingly.

That's it

– Tami.

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